PROFIprocess - PA Profile 4

PI provides different PROFINET profiles for Process Automation, such as PA Profile 4 and RIO for PA (Remote IO).

PA Profile 4

With PA Profile 4 further simplification and faster management of field devices for example during commissioning, maintenance and device replacement will be achieved. Therefore, ‘core-parameters’(NE131) as they have been defined trough NAMUR for example be considered. These are extraordinary important parameters and default values of the most common used measuring- and actuator devices. 


  • Consideration of main customer requests
  • Reduces training effort for field devices
  • Promotion through PNO and their member companies
  • Reputation of Profiles
  • High quality training and seminars


PA Profiles specify important parameters and functions manufacturing-independently. This leads to identical workflows for field devices and similar behavior of them during engineering and operations if PA Profiles are implemented, independent of supplier and device type. It results in increased efficiency in planning, procurement, and maintenance.

For PA Profile 4, parameters, as they are defined in NAMUR recommendation NE131 have been considered and specified in unified way. 
Target of NE131 is to simplify and speed-up commissioning, operations, and device replacement of field devices. 
NE131 describes both general and specific requirements for flow, level, pressure, temperature, and actuators. These requirements apply to field devices for operating functions and safety instrumented functions.

Furthermore, PA Profile 4 covers diagnostic information in a harmonized way as it is defined in NE107 for the different field instruments. The specification for PA Profile 4 considers category and message, which is displayed for the diagnostic information.