The PROFINET Video Series

Where Technical Insights Await

Explore application profiles, device integration, security, digitalization, and more. Unravel the complexities of the leading Industrial Ethernet standard and unleash its potential to evolve your projects. Experience seamless device communication, enhanced efficiency, and a world of possibilities with PROFINET.

PROFINET in General

Learn important facts about PROFINET and how it works.

Learn about PROFINET in machine building.

Learn more about how you can reduce downtimes by 50%!

Learn how the PROFINET standard originated.

Experience PROFINET and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Diagnostics play a key role in reducing downtime.

Functional Safety with PROFIsafe explained.

Learn how PROFINET increases manufacturing productivity.

PROFINET plays a crucial role in industry digitalization.

What is the difference between PROFINET and Ethernet?

A longer explanation on how PROFINET works.

Watch to discover aspects about PROFINET Security.

See what OPC UA in PROFINET offers.

PROFINET functions explained in the Paper Airplane model.

Everything about PROFINET application profiles.

Learn about PROFINET in Process Industries.

Learn how PROFINET fits into the network architecture.


A complete PROFIBUS versus PROFINET comparison.

PROFINET device integration explained.

Find out how you can save up energy during pauses.

Learn how to integrate safety and reduce system complexity.

Learn how open standards make IIoT solutions accessible.

Learn how IoT and Industrie 4.0 fit together.

Drives and motors are fastest-growing segments.

Key facts about PROFIenergy.

Gain knowledge about PROFINET and data acces.

Learn how PROFINET is used in food and beverage.

PROFINET from a Technical Perspective

Learn how Time-Sensitive Networking works.

Experience cabling options in PROFINET Networks.

OPC UA helps with horizontal and vertical integration.

Understand how to add a PROFINET interface to devices.

Troubleshooting with Simple Device Replacement.

Experience Bandwidth Reservation in PROFINET.

Explore the PROFINET over TSN Demonstrator.

Seamless data flow in PROFINET with Edge computing.

Deterministic Ethernet is becoming standardized.

Industrial Wireless is more than just one thing.

Experience facets of PROFINET that make it fast.

See how PROFINET uses a Real Time Channel.

Learn how to configure a PROFINET network step-by-step.

Expierence the advantages of APL for PROFINET.

Learn how to add PROFINET to machines.

Expierence what switches to use with PROFINET.

Explanation of Scheduling in PROFINET IRT.

Learn how PROFINET uses TCP/IP communication.