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Technology Description

PROFINET is the standard for industrial networking in automation. It connects devices, systems, and cells, facilitating faster, safer, less costly and higher quality manufacturing. The Industrial Ethernet standard easily integrates existing systems and equipment while bringing the richness of Ethernet down to the factory floor.


PROFINET Technology

PROFINET Application Profiles

PROFINET Application Profiles ensure seamless integration of open, interchangeable devices with consistent performance. Enhance connectivity above the protocol, with optional profiles for various applications.


Application Profiles


Explore the PROFINET video series to get technical insights and a deep understanding of how PROFINET works in practice!

PROFINET Introduction

Learn more about PROFINET and how it works. We explain the core PROFINET concepts.

PROFINET Device Integration

See how easy device integration of PROFINET is and which support a device manufacturer can achieve.

PROFINET in Motion Control

Learn about drives and motion control which is one of the fastest-growing segments in automation.


Customization is the key when it comes to PROFINET implementation. Each case requires a suitable approach based on functionality, development capacity, expertise, costs, and time to market.


PROFINET Implementation

phase of implementation until the certification


Certification plays an important role in quality control and delivers peace of mind for end users. It ensures conformance with standards and it underpins operational performance and interoperability. It also ensures freedom of choice of supply. Certification is mandatory for PROFINET products.


How to get certified

GSD Files / Signing

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) offers a GSD file signing service for enhanced security in machines and systems.


GSD Files


Mature, widespread standard for industrial automation with superior capabilities, supported by 58.7 million devices, with a high degree of interoperability through practice-relevant test & certification, strong consulting & support, training, and driven by the leading industrial automation community of the international PI organization.


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