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PROFINET - The Leading Industrial Ethernet Protocol

With its real-time communication capabilities PROFINET is the leading Industrial Ethernet protocol for communication between devices in industrial automation systems. It ensures reliable data transmission, supports various network topologies, and provides device configuration and diagnostics. 

PROFINET enhances productivity, efficiency, and flexibility in industrial processes. Be part of our community.
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phase of implementation until the certification

PROFINET Explained

Explore PROFINET, the leading Industrial Ethernet standard. Understand how it works, the underlying technology, its benefits and differentiators, its applications, support, the test & certification process for highest degree of interoperability, and stay updated on future events and training opportunities.


PROFINET Explained


Get an overview with the roadmap and discover valuable innovations that are set to revolutionize industrial communication.

PROFINET is Leading the Ethernet Protocol Market
PI Press

A current study by renowned market research institute Omdia is showing that PROFINET is still the leading technology in the Ethernet protocol field. The study is comprehensively analyzing current and future market distribution and is identifying PROFINET as the clear front-runner among well-known systems

New Record Figures for PI Technologies
PI Press

In its annual survey of newly installed nodes, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) reports outstanding growth figures for its technologies. PROFIsafe and IO-Link in particular are showing impressive increases. Despite challenging market conditions, the other PI technologies also maintained their high growth rates.

Anniversary PNO
An Anniversary Year for the PNO
PI Press

35 years ago, on December 11, 1989, the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e. V. (PNO) was founded in Frankfurt am Main, Germany to promote the standardization and technology of fieldbus systems.

Highlights & Differentiators

Vertical Communication
Vertical Communication

PROFINET enables field level-based IO communication as well as TCP/IP communication over the same cable and in a consistent way.

All Industries
All Industries

PROFINET is the leading industrial automation protocol for all manufacturing industries. It fulfills the communication technology requirements of discrete manufacturing industry processes including drive applications as well as the ones of the process industry processes including intrinsic safety applications.

Information Models
Communication Technology & Information Models

PROFINET covers the communication technology level as well as information models, including detailed and meaningful diagnostics.

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