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Texas Instruments Arm based AM64x Microprocessor and AM243x Microcontroller families provide customers with a number of different scalable processing options designed specifically for factory automation, real-time motor control, and industrial communications. 

Our innovative technologies for advanced real-time communications are helping build today‘s and tomorrow‘s smart factories unlocking better efficiency, higher throughput, safety and sustainability for today’s manufacturers.  TI has the technical know-how and manufacturing expertise to take your design to the next level.

Competent Technology Support

  • semiconductors, services and tools for Industrial Communication, Factory Automation and Drives market
  • PROFINET RT/IRT/TSN integrated processors, MCUs together with various analog components to build controllers and devices
  • IO-Link controller MCU, transceivers
  • IO-Link to Profinet/Multiprotocol Gateways

PROFINET - the Right Technology for Your Perfect Product Development

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