PROFINET Working Groups

There are several working and project groups dealing with PROFINET topics, such as PG6 PROFINET IO and PG10 Security.


CB/PG6 PROFINET IO is responsible for development and maintenance of all PROFINET basic specifications. In addition, guidelines are created for selected topics to make the content of the basic specifications easier to understand.  The group is working in close cooperation with Marketing, Security and Certification-WGs for an overall integrated solution.

Members of the WG are the specification editors, technology providers, device developers and PLC system manufacturers. CB PG6 also coordinates PROFINET Plugfests, which are executed on new topics like TSN if required.

CB/PG10 Security

The CB/PG10 Security working group is currently working on various specifications, including PROFINET Specification 2.4 and GSDX Specification 1.1, with a focus on updating security guidelines and standards such as the Security Planning Guideline. Current topics include Security Monitoring and Event Logging, Certificate and Credential Update, Key Update Mechanisms, and GSD(X) Security.

The working group also deals with the impact of the IEC 62443. The working group is also conducting evaluations of cryptographic algorithms to ensure optimal performance and security. The goal of the working group is to establish PROFINET as a reliable and secure network technology for automation in industry and to continuously improve the security of PROFINET networks. Cooperation with other working groups and experts is of great importance in this regard.

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