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All Rules in Detail

  • Be respectful: Treat others with kindness, respect, and courtesy. Personal attacks, insults, discrimination, or any form of harassment will not be tolerated.
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  • No spamming or self-promotion: Do not repeatedly post the same message, advertise products or services, or share affiliate links without permission. Focus on meaningful contributions. Users are allowed to draw attention to the promotion of products or services and to point out compliance with the rules.
  • Provide valuable contributions: Contribute to discussions in a constructive manner. Share insightful thoughts, ask relevant questions, and provide helpful information to enrich the forum’s content.
  • Avoid plagiarism: If you share content from other sources, give proper credit by citing your references or providing links. Plagiarism is not allowed and may result in the removal of your post.
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  • The forum language is English, thepost language is freely selectable (preferred English)

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