Power Consumption Management for OT and IT

PROFIenergy offers interoperable interfaces and standardized information models for Power Consumption Management in production.


  • Helps to fulfill ISO 50001 and EN 17267
  • Offers Power Metering and Monitoring functions for Devices and Maschines according to IEC 61557-12
  • Offers Standby Management and Power Off functions for active control of Power Consumption
  • Is available on OT level for all PROFINET devices
  • Is available on IT level as OPC UA part 30141
  • Certification available


The PROFIenergy Profile can be implemented on every PROFINET device which is capable to offer Power Consumption measurement values, Standby Modes or supports power off with switch on by Wake on LAN (WOL). PROFIenergy as a PROFINET profile provides an interoperable interface via PROFINET for access to these Power Management Functions. PROFIenergy can be combined with all other PROFINET application profiles. 

PROFIenergy can be used as interface to Power Metering and Monitoring Devices (PDM) but also could be an addition to all classes of PROFINET devices (e.g. roboter, drives, actuators, power supplies) for access to available PDM data and/or standby management functions. The offered Power Metering and Monitoring data is according to IEC 61557-12. The standby management offers all standy mode related data and manages actively the switching to an optimal standby mode if the pause duration is advertised to the device. 

In addition to the PROFIenergy Profile on PROFINET, the PROFIenergy functions are also available as standardized information model on OPC UA as Part 30141. This makes Power Consumption Management functions also available in the IT level of production and satisfies the need for IT-OT integration. OPC UA Part 30141 can be implemented on an OPC UA server of the PROFINET device, at an edge device for proxying PE PN devices or as an standardized Power Management information model in the IT level of production. For the PROFIenergy profile a certification is available at the PI Testlabs.