…is the leading technology for discrete manufacturing and process automation when exchanging functional safety-relevant data.  With several million nodes installed, PROFIsafe technology has proven itself in the market as leading technology for functional safety communication.


  • offers cost-effective and flexible functional safety at the field level up to PL e, SIL 3
  • enables cost reduction through dynamic adaptation of safety-related functions
  • enables simple and flexible integration of a wide range of safety components
  • has been tested by TÜV -SÜD and complies with the international standard IEC 61784-3-3
  • is continuously further developed by the PI and the suppliers of safe automation solutions organized in it


PROFIsafe technology was developed as an additional layer above PROFINET (or PROFIBUS), but can also be used internally on the device ("backplane bus"). It can be used to reduce the probability of errors during data transfers between an F-Host (safety controller) and an F-Device to a level required by the standards, or below. The technology is easy to implement in software (PROFIsafe driver) and covers the complete spectrum of safety applications in process and manufacturing automation. Due to the "Black Chanel" approach, PROFIsafe can also be used together with wireless transmission technologies.