The leading drive control profile

IEC standardized • interoperable •  future proof

PROFIdrive is a powerful and mature drive control profile for any kind of application and industry usage. Based on its modular structure and manufacturer-independent device profile, PROFIdrive is easy to handle, highly scalable by its six Application Classes and defined to achieve an utmost interoperability level. The supported VIK/NAMUR drive interface according to VE34/NE122 offers in particular the advantage of a "device exchange without engineering interaction" based on a specifically defined and provided VIK/NAMUR profile GSD file. All this is safeguarded by well defined implementation procedures, support and standardized certification tests and tools.


  • Internationally established by following drive standards - IEC 61800-7 and GB/T 25740
  • Full interoperability and exchangeability - including safety functionality
  • Highly scalebale - matches with any kind of application from simple up to high performance operation
  • PROFIdrive is future proof - thanks to the high level OSI layer realisation
  • By nature PROFIdrive comes along with perfect interplay of all other PROFINET profiles


Why is PROFIdrive the most advanced Motion Control Profile worldwide?
The three main reasons for this are that PROFIdrive is an international standard, its unmatched level of interoperability and its undisputed future-proofing.

Why PROFIdrive perfectly matches with any application type industry?
PROFIdrive supports any industry application either standard, mainly pump and fan or compressor based, or advanced applications e.g. position tasks including speed and position control, or even high end applications covering multi axis and high performance drives.
PROFIdrive is highly efficient and performant at any level due to its scalable, flexible and performant implementation approach.
Manufacturers do not have to spend extra effort beyond the intended complexity of application, they can flexibly adapt to the market requirements and can be sure to achieve high end performance for any application required.
PROFIdrive implementation can offer many choices from free to on demand and full support and all this fully reliable - therefore it is always the right choice.
There are community projects offered for free of charge download, on demand support from various technology partners and reliable implementation. Always based on a well establish technology basis and highest level of field test coverage.

Why is PROFIdrive a secure investment in future technology and market success?
PROFIdrive is the leading drive control profile on global level, for all industries and markets, it offers certified quality, well established in all industry eco-systems and is part of the automation market segment with continuous growth rates over the next decades.